Air Turbo Lamps Tripod Stand


Technical Detail:

The B-300 is a very sturdy and convenient tripod stand available for mounting the air lamps so that illumination can angle in most directions.  The lamp can clamp on the tripod head without any tools. When not in use, the tripod can fold up for easy storage.


-   Material: 304 Stainless Steel                                    

-   Product Height: 1470mm (Folded) / 1348mm (Unfolded)                                     

-   Suitable for: BTL-2400L, BTL-2400, BAL-1200 & ALED-100P                                      

-   Max diameter of the tripod stand:1100mm (Unfolded)                                   

-   Rotating Angle:360°                               

-   Weight: 4.6kg                                      

-   Packing Dimension: 152*13*13cm