IMPA 792272 Deck Charger Unit


Technical Detail:

This hand lamp charger is compatible with EX-2380 products. The battery is charged internally. The product passes through the charging stud on the base of the hand lamp.


The charger design to hold the torch while charging and use the "Snap-In/Snap-Out" function, which can be quickly released but kept fixed to be used at any time. It contains two charging ports, which can charge two hand lamps at the same time.


The LC-333 charger is suitable for 90 volts or 260 volts wide voltage; the voltage will automatically switch to detect the input voltage when charging. And provide European 2-pin plug and American 2-pin plug adapter for global use.


Apparatus Standards: 2014/35 EU LVD Directive

                                    2014/30/EU EMC Directive


-          Enclosure: Polypropylene

-          Input Voltage: AC 90-260V 50/60Hz

-          Power Consumption: 50W

-          Output: DC 12V, maximum 2A x 2

-          Recharge Time: 1.5 Hours

-          Ingress Protection: IP20

-          Compatible Hand Lamp: EX-2380

-          Product Weight: 600g

-          Dimension: 207*131*69mm

-          Packing: 12 pieces per carton, size:47*47*32cm