Fire Blanket in CE EN 1869:2019 Standard


Technical Detail:

The EQA fire blanket is made of E-Glass fiberglass fabric (+/- 430g), and it has passed the CE EN 1869:2019 test. There are three sizes for selection: 1.2 x 1.2m, 1.2 x 1.8m, and 1.8 x 1.8m.


Fire blankets can quickly extinguish flames to minimize burns or prevent the spread of fire. Effectively isolate the fire from the outside air to extinguish the fire. Besides controlling the small fires, the fire blanket also limits the risk of electric shock in case of unintentional use of live electrical equipment.


General use:
1) If a fire occurs, turn off the heat source under safe conditions.
2) Pull the woven tapes to release the fire blanket out of the container.
3) Hold the woven tape, wrap the blanket forward on your hand, and protect yourself from the flame. Then, use the blanket as a heat shield, stay calm, aim at the target, and gently cover the burning material to extinguish the flame. ***Not to use the throwing method. The airflow caused by throwing may increase the fire, And it is also possible to miss the target ***.
4) Turn off the heat source and keep the fire blankets on until they cool down. ***Don't try to uncover it before it has completely cooled***.


Used to extinguish a fire on people's clothes:
***Protect your hand safety by wrapped the fire blanket before approaching the flame***.
1) If a person's clothes catch on fire, wrap the blanket tightly around the person to smother the fire, let them fall to the ground, and roll until the fire has been put out.
2) Leave the person wrapped in the fire blanket and call the emergency services immediately.
WARNING! ***Only fire blankets with a minimum size of 1.2 x 1.8 meters are suitable for extinguishing clothing fires***.