IMPA 792172-LED Explosion Proof LED Portable Hand Lamp


Technical Detail:

The explosion-proof portable lamp EX-4780 for safe use in the potentially explosive gas, vapor, and mist environment of zone 1 and zone 2, and the dust environment of zone 21 and zone 22. It complies with the RoHS, CE, and ATEX hazardous and non-hazardous industry directive.


EX-4780 is a cable-powered, multi-functional, lightweight handheld lamp with impressive LED light output, which is very suitable for inspection and work in hazardous areas. High-power LED "fit for life" light source; produces up to 1200 lumens of forward efficient output. It emits an unusual, uniform, ultra-wide-angle light, minimizing shadows and enhancing visibility, thereby providing the best lighting for local work.


This explosion-proof portable lamp is compact; the robust shell can withstand heavy industrial use, ergonomic, lightweight, and designed for handheld use. The "easy-grip" handle can bring comfort to users, and it has a flexible 360° rotating hook for hands-free use.


Ex Mark:   II 2G Ex eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb 

                 II 2D Ex mb tb op is IIIC T95°C Db


-          Areas of Classification (Gases): Zone 1 and 2, Gas Groups: IIA, IIB, and IIC

-          Areas of Classification (Dusts): Zone 21 and 22, Dust Groups: IIIA, IIIB, and IIIC

-          Temperature Classification: T4

-          Maximum Surface Temperature (Dusts): 95°C 

-          Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +40°C

-          Light Source Power: 12W

-          Output: 1,200 Lumens **Effective lumens

-          Light Source Life: 100,000 Hours

-          Input Voltage: AC90-260V 50/60Hz

-          Beam Angle: 115°

-          Impact Resistant: 2 Meters

-          Require Cable Outer Diameter: Φ6-10mm

-          IP Protection: IP66

-          Product Weight: 640g (without cable)

-          Product Dimension: Φ63*405mm

-          Packing: 24 pieces per carton, size:63*38*43cm