Silicon Full Face Mask


Technical Detail:

The D1 Silicon Full Face Mask main body is using the high-quality silicone which is anti-aging, anti-allergic and easy to clean. The ergonomic design allows for a perfect balance of the weight of the filters and a wide field of vision, and the double silicone mask edge is very good for air tightness, parts of mouth and nose can fit the various face. With five anchor points adjustable harness, polycarbonate window is big, anti-fog inside and anti-friction outside.


The threaded interface (EN148-1 standard) is very convenient for replacing cartridges.


a.      Leakage Coefficient: ≤0.05% at 30 L/min
b.      Inhalation Resistance(Pa): ≤50 Pa at 30 L/min.
c.      Exhalation Resistance(Pa): ≤100 Pa at 30 L/min.
d.      The effective field of Vision: ≥70%
e.      The overlapped field of Vision: ≥80%


Suitable to use on all kinds of activities with risk of projections (metal industry, construction, pesticides, wood, cement, stone, asbestos...), inorganic and organic gases and vapors (chemical industry, metal, maintenance, painting, industry, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cleaning industry, laboratories, etc.).  Check filters depending on the pollutant.


EN136 Respiratory protection: Full face masks. Class 2. General purpose full masks.