EN14404 Knee Pad


Technical Detail:

Mezzaluna Kneepads of EVA foam provides extra comfort, oxford plus SBR/Polyamide fabric knee support with synthetic lining and a PVC outer shell cap for main protect.  The knee pads are fastened by two Velcro straps that allow you to secure them snugly around your leg.


These kneepads have been subject to an EU type-examination by the notified body no. 2777 SATRA Technology Europe Ltd.  The CE mark printed on these signifies the respect of the essential requirements of the European Regulation no. 2016/425 regarding Personal Protective Equipment and are of Type 1 (independent from another garment) and must be placed outside the trousers and attached.  Designed to give limited protection of the wearer’s knees against impact injury & to provide padding for extended kneeling.  Available in one size fits all & has adjustable straps, the sizing is based on waist size of 100cm.   Service life of a minimum of 2 years although this may vary the products should be inspected prior to every use.


Applications: Construction, maintenance, flooring, landscaping, mechanics, and carpentry.


Level 1 Knee protectors suitable for use on flat or non-flat floor surfaces & providing protection against penetration at a force of at least (100 + 5) N.