16 Gallon Portable Eye Washer Station


Technical Detail:

Portable, self-contained eyewash is ideal for remote locations that do not have a water source. Eyewash flow gravity activated, 16 gallons high-density yellow polyethylene tank (other colors also available).  The tank has heavy wall construction and reinforced ribs to support the weight of the unit.  The unit can be counter or wall-mounted with no additional plumbing required.


-       Tank: High-quality non-toxic polyethylene

-       Tray: High-quality non-toxic polyethylene

-       Water supply: Self-contained

-       Water storage: 60.5L max.

-       Flow control: 1.5L/Min, 15 Minutes flow

-       Source of water: Clean water or leached water

-       Water quality: Water in the unit should be changed at least once every six month

-       Standard approved: EN 15154-4:2009, AS 4775:2007, ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014

-       Gross weight: 10.5kg, Net weight: 7.8kg

-       Dimension: 55cm*52.5cm*60cm