Multiple Nozzle Safety Shower


Technical Detail:

It is manufactured using galvanized pipework which is protected with an anti-corrosive yellow epoxy coating to give excellent resistance to acids, bases, seawater, and oils. The decontamination shower is fitted with 14 spray heads to provide full body coverage, and activation occurs as soon as the treadle plate is stepped on.  This shower is fitted with an automatic drain system to remove residual water after use and has been designed to meet and exceed the internationally recognized standards EN15154-1:2006, EN 15154-2:2006, AS 4775:2007.


-       Material: Galvanized steel with yellow epoxy coating

-       Nozzle: ABS plastic in safety yellow color

-       Valve: Shower valve is making of 1" SS ball valve.    

-       Base: Cast Iron

-       Foot Plate: Cast Iron

-       Water working pressure: 0.2MPa-0.8MPa

-       Flow control: 76L/Min

-       Source of water: Clean or leached water

-       Standard Approved: EN 15154-1:2006, EN 15154-2:2006, AS 4775:2007 and ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014

-       Gross Weight: 65kgs, Net Weight: 62kgs

-       Dimension: 157cm*94cm*26cm