Wall Mounted Safety Shower


Technical Detail:

This emergency safety shower, yellow ABS plastic shower head is designed to be mounted vertically.  Vertical mounting allows for greater flexibility in terms of placement compared to wall mounting.  Compliance to EN 15154-1:2006, EN 15154-2:2006, AS 4775:2007.  It is activated with a 1" stay-open ball valve operated by a solid stainless steel pull rod.  Safety yellow corrosion resistant paint, stay open valves.


-       Material: Galvanized Steel with yellow epoxy coating

-       Shower Head: ABS plastic in safety yellow color

-       Shower valve is making of 1" SS ball valve.

-       Water working pressure: 0.2MPa-0.8MPa

-       Flow control: 76L/Min

-       Source of water: Clean or leached water

-       Standard Approved: EN 15154-1:2006, EN 15154-2:2006, AS 4775:2007 and ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014

-       Gross Weight: 3.8KGS, Net Weight:3.0KGS

-       Dimension: 84cm*21.5cm*11.5cm